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Rotala sp. “Gia Lai” / “H’Ra”

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  • Bushy, overhanging growth
  • Narrow, delicate foliage
  • Light green, reddish to orange

Rotala sp. “H’Ra” or “Gia Lai” is a new plant from Vietnam. It is probably a local variant of the species Rotala rotundifolia. The plant has been named after its location H’Ra in the province of Gia Lai in central Vietnam. Rotala sp. “H’Ra” / “Gia Lai” has narrow leaves and develops a nice light orange to red colour under good lighting. It has the same elegant growth habit as the light green Rotala sp. “Green”: overhanging to horizontal ramified stems. When combined with Rotala sp. “Green”, Rotala sp. “H’Ra” will be especially effective. R. sp. “H’Ra” / “Gia Lai” differs from the similar Rotala sp. “Colorata” by lighter-coloured narrower leaves and more overhanging stems when cultivated under the same conditions.