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Cryptocoryne spiralis ‘red’

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Difficulty: Easy
Co2: Low
Light: High, Medium
Area: Background, Midground
  • New Cryptocoryne form from India
  • Dark brown-red, strongly wavy, narrow leaves
  • Decorative plant for the midground

This form of Cryptocoryne spiralis from India is still hardly known in Europe. In its submerged form it develops dark brown-red, strap-like leaves with ruffled edges, somewhat resembling those of Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae. Until now little information is available about this Cryptocoryne; apparently it reaches a moderate size and is recommendable for the midground, in smaller aquariums also for the foreground.

As well as other narrow-leaved Cryptocorynes, this plant should get at least medium lighting, and a nutrient-rich substrate is recommendable.