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Myrophyllium sp. Guyana

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  • A small fresh green Milfoil
  • Bushy growth habit, ramifies well
  • Easy to cultivate
  • Rare, hardly available in trade elsewhere

Myriophyllum sp. “Guyana” is an exceptionally nice new plant. This milfoil is characterised by a vivid light green colour and a densely ramifying rather bushy habit, moderate growth and – first and foremost – a low height (shoot width 2-4 cm, leaf length up to 2 cm), which makes it a great plant for nano tanks. Also highly decorative as dense bush in the middle to background of larger tanks. This small milfoil looks very much like Myriophyllum mezianum from Madagascar, however, it has a denser foliage, grows a little faster and seems to be easier in cultivation.