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Rotala rotundifolia “Periya”

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  • Novelty from southwestern India
  • Especially small, narrow leaves
  • Light colour tones
  • Bushy, arching growth
  • No high demands

Rotala rotundifolia “Periya” is an especially delicate, still little known Rotala. It has apparently the smallest, narrowest submerged leaves of all previously introduced Rotala rotundifolia forms, with a length of about 16 mm and a with of 1,5 mm. Also the internodes (distances between the stem nodes) are quite short. This plant was found few years ago near the town Periya in the Indian state Kerala, Wayanad district. It resembles the plant that came onto the market as Rotala sp. “Wayanad”.
Similar to Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’ and ‘H’Ra’, the stems grow arching to horizontal, causing a very bushy appearance of the plant. The stems are reddish and the leaves light green with pale pink underside. Intense lighting promotes reddish coloration, but light green tones are predominant.

As well as other Rotala rotundifolia forms, “Periya” is a quite easy aquarium plant, however it looks best with good lighting and regular CO2 and nutrient supply. Apparently it grows not as fast as e.g. the customary “standard form” of R. rotundifolia. The arching to horizontal growth is typical of this stem plant; trimming and replanting of too long shoots maintain its bushy look.

With its fine, dense foliage and bushy growth, this new Rotala rotundifolia form from India is an enrichment for the aquascaping. It looks best as a bush in the midground, providing a contrastful light-coloured accent.