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Cryptocoryne lucens

Views: 631
Difficulty: Easy
Co2: Low
Light: Low
Area: Foreground, Midground
  • Also known as Cryptocoryne lucens
  • Relatively small green Crypt
  • Robust and undemanding
  • Narrow lanceolate leaves

A time-tested robust small to medium-sized crypt with narrow lanceolate medium green leaves. It has a dense bushy growth habit or forms higher lawn-like groups. C. x willisii “lucens” looks rather similar to Cryptocoryne parva but grows much higher and faster. In earlier decades, it was known under the name Cryptocoryne lucens. It differs from Cryptocoryne x willisii “nevillii”, which is as robust, as its leaves are of a more longish form and grow higher than those of the latter when cultivated submersed.