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Blyxa novoguineensis

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Difficulty: Medium
Co2: Medium
Light: Medium
Area: Midground
  • Grasslike plant for the midground
  • Grows up to approx. 30 cm in height
  • Reddish green to dark red tones
  • Rarely available

This attractive submerged plant is traded as Blyxa novoguineensis, however it is probably a red form of Blyxa aubertii. It gets about 30 cm tall and forms a dense, grass-like leaf rosette with brown-red tones.

We recommend rather soft water, medium to strong lighting and a good CO2 and nutrient supply for this Blyxa. All Blyxa species have soft, brittle leaves, therefore they are not suited for tanks with turbulent water and big or plant-eating fish. This Blyxa can be propagated by daughter plants that occasionally appear at the basis of the leaf rosette.

Blyxa sp. “novoguineensis” is in between the size of normal, green Blyxa aubertii and Blyxa japonica, and its dark reddish coloration is otherwise rare among aquarium plants with similar grass-like habit. It is suitable for creating interesting accents in the aquarium midground.