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Aqua Soil – Amazonia V2 (3l)

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  • 100 % natural black soil
  • Helps to lower the hardness level of the water
  • High humic and nutrient content
  • Nutrient situation even better with the Amazonia supplement

For ADA’s Soil Amazonia Ver.2 100% natural black soil is used as raw material. It is perfect for creating an underwater landscape that is very close to the South American rainforest. It offers a high humic and nutrient content and is also suitable for harder tap water.

A high pH value of the soil substrate makes it difficult for aquatic plants to absorb nutrients. Substrates from the Aqua Soil series reduce the hardness of the water and lower the pH to a level where most aquatic plants can absorb the nutrients they need for thriving. The enclosed Amazonia Supplement improves the nutrient situation of the soil even further, so that the plants have particularly excellent growth conditions at their disposal. The Aqua Soil granules retain their shape and density under water for a long time, thus ensuring the circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate.The Aqua Soil substrate makes it easier to care for difficult-to-cultivate plants such as Tonina or Syngonanthus. It is also ideal for aquarium inhabitants who prefer soft water, such as Apistogramma and various species of dwarf shrimp.

The Amazonia Supplement is supplied in a special bag; 50 ml for the 9 litre version and 16 ml for the 3 litre version. The Soil can also be used without the supplement, and then behaves like the Aqua Soil – Amazonia II, which does not cause turbid water.