The South African Aquascaping Contest

  • Introduction

    Every year, The South African Aquascaping Contest receives a variety of skillful layouts from all over the country. Once again, we look forward to your submission of the best layout this year. One of the key points of planted aquarium is aquatic plants which have grown healthily and beautifully and also absence of noticeable algae. This is a basic yet very important factor. We hope to see your layout featuring attractive aquatic plants.
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Contest Prize

Details on the first prize for the South African Aquascaping contest 2021.

  • 1x ADA 60p cube garden
  • 1 x 60p cabinet (gun metal or black)
  • 1 x ADA Amazonia 9L
  • 1 x ADA powersand M
  • 1 x ADA bacter 100
  • 1 x ADA tourmaline BC
  • 1 x ADA clear super
  • 30 x EPICAQUATICS Greenhouse plants

Full sponsorship by ADA South Africa on All ADA fertilisers, conditioners and additives for the entire year.
Sponsorship includes :

  • ADA Neutral K
  • ADA Mineral
  • ADA Iron
  • ADA Nitrogen
  • ADA Eca plus
  • ADA Green gain plus
  • ADA Chloroff
  • ADA Vitamix
  • ADA Softwater
  • ADA Clear water

Sponsorship is subject to the contestant continuing to enter the Global IAPLC and the local SA Aquascaping contest for 2022