“The boss” lockdown maintenance

Project Description

Aquarium : ADA 60P (60x 30 x 36cm)
Substrate System : ADA AMAZONIA VER.2 + ADA Powersand advanced
Substrate Additives : Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear Super
Flora : ADA Tissue Cultures, EPICAQUATICS GREENHOUSE pots
Fauna : Green Neons, Amano Shrimps
Fertilisers : Neutral K , Mineral, Iron , Nitrogen
Conditioners : Clear Water, Soft Water, Vitamix, Chloroff
Additives : ECA , GREEN GAIN
Maintenance: 50% water change once a week
Hardscape: Seiryu Stone

Project Details

It’s been several weeks of lockdown since we did maintenance on the ADA 60p @aqua_empire_sa . Dirty Lily pipes, overgrown plants, filthy diffusers, etc. It was time for a heavy maintenance session.