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Cryptocoryne axelrodi

Views: 726
Difficulty: Easy
Co2: Low
Light: Low
Area: Midground
  • Also known as Cryptocoryne axelrodii
  • Time-tested popular Crypt
  • Leaves narrow lanceolate, with undulate margins
  • Brown hues, dark marbling

A time-tested, undemanding and decorative Cryptocoryne from Sri Lanka, closely related to Cryptocoryne wendtii and C. beckettii. Cryptocoryne undulata, also known under its synonym Cryptocoryne axelrodii, develops narrowly lanceolate submerged leaves with undulate margins and a green to dark brown coloration, often with a dark marbled pattern. The rhizome of old submersed plants sometimes grows vertically out of the substrate, like a small tree trunk with stilt roots.

The Undulate Crypt still grows under low light and without fertiliser, however, it does better under medium lighting and a nutrient-rich substrate. As well as many other Cryptocoryne species, this plant easily propagates by underground runners.

Cryptocoryne undulata is a versatile aquarium plant, best placed in the midground, in higher tanks also in the foreground. It forms extended stands with time, and with its narrow, dark foliage, it is especially suitable for aquascapes in the nature aquarium style.